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What is Optometry? by Marjan Pousti(Akhavan), Doctor of Optometry
Tom Pousti: Plastic Surgeon, Pousti Plastic Surgery

Who is an optometrist?
An Optometrist is a very important primary health care provider. Not only does an optometrist write prescriptions for glasses and contact lenses, he/she can provide safety glasses for work or for playing sports, colored contact lenses for those who want a change, and prescription sun glasses.

Optometrists are also well trained in finding ocular diseases such as the following: glaucoma (high eye pressure that will cause blindness if not treated), cataracts, retinal detachments, corneal diseases, optic nerve diseases, and ocular problems that occur when the patient has other systemic diseases such as diabetes or high blood pressure.

There are specialties in Optometry. One such specialty is vision therapy and strabismus. These Optometrist can help patients who have focusing problems, oculomotor problems, or visual motor problems. Many young children who are having trouble in school may have one or more of these problems which when corrected lead to a happier student doing much better in school. Strabismus (turned eye) can be cosmetically minimized with glasses and in certain cases, the patient can be trained how to move the eye and use both eyes so if surgery is performed, the prognosis is much better.

Another specialty is Low Vision. Low Vision aids are able to enhance vision for those patients who may have a deteriorating disease from childhood such as albinism, retinitis pigmentosa, stargarts or diseases associated with age.

Visits to the Optometrist are recommended yearly. For those young patients with no systemic or ocular problems, every 1-3 years is fine. As we get older, yearly visits are essential to pick up problems early so therapy can have a better outcome.