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?? English Translation 74 Persian Translation A
In the name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful. 0 .بنام ایزد بخشایشگر مهربان
O you who are wrapped up! 1 . (ù¢ª ö‘ú÷• §ò•¤þ¥ ø) ù¢þþ•¢ø¡ ¤¢ ý ø—
Arise and warn, 2 . ù¢“ ¤¢ªû ø öî ô‘þì
Exalt your Lord, 3 .¤¢“ 拉“ ¤ –¤‘ð¢¤ø¤•
Purify your garment, 4 .‘õ÷ ù¥þî‘• ¤¢ø¡ ùõ‘›
Shun abomination, 5 . öî ý¤ø¢ ý¢þ󕥐
Show not favour, seeking wordly gain, 6 . ý¤ø –¨¢“ ¤—ªþ“ ùî öîõ ©ª¡“
And for the sake of your Lord, be patient. 7 . ©‘“ ‘“þîª –¤‘ð¢¤ø¤• ý¤“
Then, when the horn is blown, 8 .¢÷õ¢“ ¤ø•þª ¤¢ ùî ù‘ð÷
That will be a difficult day, 9 ,¢ª‘“ ü—¡¨ ¥ø¤ ¥ø¤÷
For the disbelievers, not easy. 10 . ö¤ê‘î ý¤“ ¢ª‘“÷ ö‘¨ ò¬
Leave Me and him whom I created alone. 11 , ô¢þ¤ê‘þ“ ¤ø üþ‘ú÷—“ öõ ùî öî ©¤£ðø öõ“
I provided him with lots of money, 12 , ô¢¢ öø¤ê ñ‘õ ø ù“
And children to behold, 13 .ø §¤¢þ¢ ¤¢ ü÷¢÷¥¤ê ø
I made everything easy and smooth for him, 14 . ô¢øõ÷ ö‘¨ ©þ¤“ ¤ ¥þ ùõû öõ
Yet, he is greedy for more. 15 .¢÷îþõ ¤—÷ø¥ê ýø¥¤ ôû¥‘“ ø ‘õ
By no means! surely he stubbornly has refused to accept Our Signs. 16 .¢¥¤øþõ ¢‘÷ä ‘õ –‘þ ‘“ ‘÷‘õû , ù÷
Soon I will impose on him a mount of calamities. 17 .¢¤î ôþûø¡ ¤—ªþ“ ¤ ©“£ä ý¢ø¥“
Surely he reflected then he plotted, 18 . ¢þªî ùªì÷ ø ¢þªþ¢÷þ“ ‘÷‘õû
But may he be cursed how he plotted, 19 ,¢þªî ùªì÷ ùî ø ¤“ öþ¤ê÷
Again may he be cursed how he plotted, 20 .¢þªî ùªì÷ ùî ø ¤“ öþ¤ê÷ §•
Then he looked, 21 , –¡¢÷ ¤à÷ §•¨
Then he frowned and scowled, 22 . ¢¤î ù‘ð÷ ý¤ø›¢“ ø ¢¤î ô¡
Then he turned away arrogantly, 23 , ¢øõ÷ ¤“î— ø ¢÷¢¤ð“ ýø¤ §•¨
He said, 'This is but copied magic, 24 .–¨þ÷ üõþ¢ì ý¤Ÿ¨ ¥› ý¥þ öþ : –êðø
This is nothing but human words' . 25 . –¨þ÷ ý¤ª“ ù—ê𥛠öþ
Soon I will cast him into Hell-Fire! 26 .¢÷îê ôþûø¡ ©— ¤¢ ¤ø ý¢ø¥“
And what will make you realize what Hell-Fire is? 27 Œ –¨þ ©— ö ùî ü÷¢ ù ø— ø
It does not permit to endure, nor does it spare. 28 ,¢¤£ðþõø ù÷ ø ¢¤£ðþõ üì‘“ ù÷
It scorches the human/skin. 29 بشرù¢÷÷¥ø¨
Over it (are) nineteen. 30 .( ù—ª¤ê)‰ –¨ (©—) ö¤“ (P)
We appointed angels to be guardians of Hell, and we assigned their number (19) (1) to disturb the disbelievers, (2) to convince the Christians and Jews (that this is a divine scripture), (3) to strengthen the faith of the faithful, (4) to remove all traces of doubt from the hearts of Christians, Jews, as well as the believers, and (5) to expose those who harbor doubt in their hearts, and the disbelievers; they will say, 'What did GOD mean by this allegory?' GOD thus sends astray whomever He wills, and guides whomever He wills. None knows the soldiers of your Lord except He. This is a reminder for the people. 31 ‘ú÷ù¤‘õªø ôþ¢¢¤¤ì ¡¥ø¢ ö¤¥ð¤‘ ö‘𗪤ê‘õ
¢ª‘“ö¤ê‘î ý¤“ üªþ‘õ¥‘—-:ôþ¢¤î ¤¤ìõ (‰)¤
ö‘÷õøõ ö‘õþ‘— -ƒ ¢÷‘¨¤“ öþìþ“ ¤ ’‘—î ñû‘—-‚
ñû ñ¢ ¥ ¤ üîª ù÷øð¤û ‘— -„ ¢ª¡“ ü÷ø¥ê ¤
¤‘õþ“ ö‘ªó¢ ùî ‘ú÷ ‘—-…ø ¢þ¢¥“ ö‘÷õøõ ø ’‘—î
Œ–¨þ ñ‘™õ öþ ¥¢¡¤øà÷õ :¢÷þøð ö¤ê‘î ø –¨
ø ¢÷îþõ –þ¢û ¢ûø¡“ ùî ¤ §î¤û öþ÷÷þ¢¡
§îþû ø ¥›.¢þ‘õ÷þõ ù¤õð ¢ûø¡“ ùî ¤ §î¤û
. ¢¤¢÷ üþ‘÷¢ –¤‘ð¢¤ø¤• ö‘þ¤îªó ù“
. –þ¤ª“ ý¤“ –¨ ý¤¢ªû öþ
Nay, verily: By the Moon, 32 , ù‘õ ù“ ¢÷ðø¨ ‘÷‘õû ù÷
And the night as it passes, 33 , ¢¤£ðþõ ùî ü“ª ù“
And the morning as it shines, 34 ,¢øªþõ öªø¤ ùî üŸ“¬ ù“ ø
This is but one of the greatest. 35 . –¨ ‘û( ù÷‘ª÷) öþ¤—𤥓 ¥ üîþ öþ ‘÷‘õû
A warning to mankind. 36 ; –þ¤ª““ ý¤¢ªû
A warning to the mankind , 37 ¢÷þ¥ð¤“ ¤ ö—ê¤ ©þ• ù“ ùî ‘õª ¥ §î¤û ý¤“
.¤ ö¢÷‘õ §•ø ‘þ
Every soul is held in pledge for what it earns, 38 , ¢ª‘“þõ ù¢¤î ’¨î ù÷ø¤ð ¤¢ §î¤û
Except the Companions of the Right Hand. 39 . ¢÷ð÷û‘õû ü—¨¤ ‘“ ùî ‘ú÷ ¤ðõ
While in Paradise, they will ask, 40 , ¢÷÷îþõ ©¨¤• –ªú“ ¤¢
About the sinners. 41 , ö¤‘îû¥“ ¥
What brought you into Hell-Fire? 42 Œ¢þ¢ª ©— ¤¢ ùî ¢ª ù
They will say: 'We were not of those who prayed; 43 , ôþ¢ø“÷ ö¤¥ð¥‘õ÷ ¥ :¢÷þøð
'Nor were we of those who fed the poor? 44 , ôþ¢¤î÷ ô‘㯐 ¤ ö‘𤑝þ“
And we used to talk vanities with vain talkers; 45 , ôþ¢¤î üþøð ù¢øúþ“ ö‘þøð ù¢øúþ“ ‘“
'And we used to deny the Day of Judgment, 46 , ôþ¢ª ¤ê‘î ¥› ¥ø¤“ ø
'Until certainty came to us now.' 47 . ¢þ¨¤¤¢ ( ï¤õ)öþìþ ùî÷þ ‘—
Then will no intercession of intercessors benefit them. 48 . ¢¤¢÷ ý¢ø¨ ö‘ªþ¤“ ö‘ð¢÷÷î‘êª –ä‘êª §•
What is then the matter with them, that they turn away from the admonition, 49 Œ¢÷÷¢¤ðø¤ öþ÷ ¤¢ªû öþ ¥ ¤
As they were frightened asses, 50 , ö‘¨¤— ö¤¡ ¢÷÷‘õ“
Fleeing from a lion! 51 .¢÷¥þ¤ð“ ý¤þª ¥ ùî
Does each one of them want to receive the scripture personally? 52 ýù¢ª ©¡• ’‘—î ùî ¢÷÷îþõø¥¤ ‘ú÷¥ íþ¤û ùîó“
. ¢÷÷î –ê‘þ¤¢ (‘õ¥)
By no means! But they do not fear the Hereafter. 53 . ¢÷¨¤— üõ÷ –¤¡ ¥ ‘÷‘õû , ù÷
Indeed, This is a reminder. 54 , –¨ ý¤¢ªû öþ ‘÷‘õû , ù÷
For those who wish to take heed. 55 , ¢øª¤î£—õ ùî §î÷ ý¤“
They cannot take heed against God's will. He is the source of righteousness; He is the source of forgiveness. 56 ý¤‘ð¥þû¤• ñû ùî ø¢ûø¡“ ¢¡ ¤ðõ ¢øª÷¤î£—õø
. –¨ ©¥¤õ ñû ø