Enlightenment & Empowerment

Written by John H. Akhavan, M.D.

  1. new"Knowing God."
  2. "Islam, a religion very easy to comprehend."
  3. new"The Faith that I believe in ."
  4. "Ask and you shall receive."
  5. "Alms avert calamity."

Go first class, go for the best, for the greatest: Pray to God
Evolution implies getting better and better in every way with the time, ultimately getting for ourselves the best of everything. People with wealth consciousness settle only for the best.This is called the principle of highest first. Since the only thing to go after is the best, why not go all the way and adopt God as the role model? After all, no one is more affluent than God, for God is the field of all possibilities. Go first class all the way and the universe will respond by giving you the best. There is a precise mechanism through which all desires can be manifested:

  1. Step one- You slip into the gap between thoughts.One of the easiest ways of slipping into the gap is through the process of meditation.There are many forms of meditation and prayer that can help us to manifest desires from the level of the gap.The gap is the window, the transformational vortex through which the personal psyche communicates with the cosmic (total) psyche.
  2. Step two- You have a clear intention of a clear goal in the gap.
  3. Step three- You relinquish your attachment to the outcome, because chasing the outcome or getting attached to it entails coming out of your gap.
  4. Step four- You let the universe handle the details.

It is important to have a clear goal in your awareness, but it is also important to relinquish your attachment to the goal, and the goal is in the gap, and the gap is the potentiality to organize and orchestrate the details required to affect any outcome.

Perhaps you recall an instant when you were trying to remember a name, and you struggled and struggled, but with no success. Finally, you let go of your attachment and a little while later the name flashed across the screen of your consciousness. When you were struggling to recall the name, the mind was very active and turbulent. But when you let it go, the mind became quieter and quieter, you slipped into the gap where you released your desire and soon it was handed to you (all sub-consciously).

This is the true meaning of "Ask and you shall receive".

Alms avert calamity: Donating some of our bounties like wealth, knowledge and good characters which God has blessed us with to others is called enfaaq. "Enfaaq" is a religious duty and a golden key to get Heaven's doors open.

You never attain righteousness until you donate from what you love.

Alms or" Sadaqaat "is the first of three and " Zakaat " is the obligatory one. Zakaat in arabic means "purifying" and not "charity" or "poor-rate" . Giving "Zakaat" is mainly aimed in purifying the giver rather than helping the receiver. Giving "Nazr va Sadaqa" is the best way to avert calamities by strengthening one's spiritual powers.