. 'persian' 󐑓

......If you can read above text in Persian then you already have the persian font installed on your system. Otherwise, you will need to visit www.neda.net to download and install the persian font. Follow the instruction on that page and come back and you should be able to read the above persian text and all the other texts in ().

"Soroosh e Islam" TV Program (March 1996)

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  1. Introduction: sr0
  2. First part:sr1 or text in (‘)
  3. 2nd part :sr2 or text in (‘)
  4. 3rd part :sr3 or text in (‘)
  5. 4th part :sr4 or text in (‘)
  6. 5th part :sr5 or text in (‘)
  7. 6th part :sr6 or text in (‘)
  8. 7th part :sr7 or text in (‘)
  9. 8th part : text in (‘)
  10. 9th part : text in (‘)
  11. 10th part : text in (‘)

Tehran's weather Courtesy of NBC News INTELLiCast